Stereo Width Modules

The example below is one of the stereo width processing modules. Note that all the factory supplied stereo width module presets have the same controls as shown, just at different adjustment settings.

Stereo width processing modules have the following controls:

  • Side/Mid Ratio
  • Mid Pan 
  • LR Balance


As the stereo width module controls affect the full band, there are no Control Sticks in the SPECTRO LAB views, and the controls are adjustable only in the Edit View section

  • Side/Mid Ratio has an adjustment range from 0.0 to 2.0. 
    • At ratio 0.0 the output is pure Mid signal = mono
    • Ratio 1.0 is the original Side/Mid ratio
    • At ratio 2.0 the Side signal is gained 6 dB compared to the Mid signal
    • The Side/Mid parameter is intelligently loudness compensated, there are no major loudness changes when adjusting the Side/Mid ratio with most music mixes.
  • Mid Pan has an adjustment range from Left 50% to Right 50%
    • The Mid Pan parameter will pan the Mid signal only. This can be used if the lead vocal, bass, snare/bass drum is slightly off center. 
  • LR Balance has an adjustment range from Left 50% to Right 50%
    • This will affect the left/right channel gains.