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The TC Compiled List

The special collection of reference tracks we have chosen for you – the TC Compiled List – needs an in-depth introduction and some further remarks.

In the Greatest of all time hot singles list, the tracks with an added “*” are either remasters or tracks that were not originally digitally published. As a consequence, you shouldn’t read too much into their loudness og true peak values with regards to the Loudness War.

The Money Mastered list, shows you four different masters of Pink Floyd popular song “Money”. It is interesting to see how the four versions – some only a couple of years apart – are vastly different. 

The Loudness Normalized list shows the same tracks as the Streaming Services Investigated list. The only difference is that they have been loudness normalized. This gives you a great opportunity to see how much our meters can reveal about a master when different loudness levels are removed from the equation. 

The True-Peak Normalized list shows you the same tracks as in the Streaming Services Investigated list. But here they have been true-peak normalized.

The Music Instruments list contains measurements of different musical instruments as they appear on Alan Parsons’ Sound Check 2 CD. This list is great for really understanding how the meters in the Free Analyzer work.

Finally, we have included some measurements of standard Technical Signals. If you are familiar with these signals, they will tell you a great deal about how the meters in the Free Analyzer respond to different energy distributions.