The TC Electronic Finalizer Universe

There are two key aspects of our Finalizer Universe. Use both of them for a great mastering experience – and to create unreal results!

Analyze and Compare Your Mix and Master

The innovative Analyzer is free to use and offers invaluable insights. You can use it before your begin mastering to get an idea of where to go next, and you can compare your mastered versions continuously, as you refine the final version. We have included a pre-analyzed library of some of the greatest hits in music history, as well as a continuously updated section holding the Billboard Top 20 if the hit sound of today is your goal.

Finalizer App by TC Electronic

Professional Mastering Audio Software

The Finalizer desktop app is a complete mastering solution that gives you all the tools you need to process your mix and create the perfect final master. You get a suite of pristine compressors, EQs, Dynamic EQ, Limiters, Stereo Image and Loudness Meters, as well as a never-before-seen visual representation of your track and a vast library of presets based on music genre or application that will serve as great starting points for your next mastering project.

+25 Years in Professional Mastering

TC Electronic M5000

1994 | M5000

Our very first multi-band compressor algorithm saw the light of day with the M5000 digital signal processor in 1994, and from then on we just kept refining our dynamics processing tools.

Finalizer Original

1996 | Finalizer

Based on the overwhelming response to the multi-band compressor in the M5000, we released a dedicated mastering hardware unit – the now-legendary Finalizer that simply changed the game of mastering.

Finalizer 96K

1998 | Finalizer 96K

Being a digital audio pioneer, we were among the first to embrace the 24-bit / 96 kHz high-resolution format, and one of the first units to benefit from this upgrade was of course the Finalizer.

Finalizer Express

1999 | Finalizer Express

Finalizer Express was a powerful mastering solution, but had a simplified user interface than the Finalizer and Finalizer 96K, which made it easier to operate.

System 6000

1999 | System 6000

System 6000 was a paradigm shift in digital audio processing, and algorithm licenses covering dynamics, reverb, EQ, loudness metering and much more was available for the platform.

TC Electronic Loudness Radar

2008 | Loudness Radar

We played a huge part in the transition in broadcast toward now loudness-measuring all content that is being aired. Our Loudness Radar view is iconic and is available for System 6000, Clarity M and as a native plug-in.

TEC Awards

6 Mastering Related TEC Awards

Quite simply, we have been deeply involved with all aspects of digital mastering for more than 25 years, and are proud to have received no less that 6 TEC Awards for technologies related directly to mastering over the years.

With our Finalizer App and free online Analyzer, we have piled together all of the knowledge and experiences that we have gained during the past 25 years, rethought everything, refined existing algorithms and developed new ones. In short, we’re ready to change the game of mastering once again!