Processing Chain

The Finalizer processing chain is shown in the Module List View. This can be toggled on and off using the middle button of the MODULES section in the top right of the Finalizer application.

The example below shows a typical Modules List View

The processing chain has four main components:

  1. First comes the PREPARE module, where the original source file details are shown, and where options can be selected for sample rate, SRC Filter type, and Level Normalization in order to prepare the track for the mastering job. 
  2. Second comes the MODULES section, a list of selected processing modules chosen from the library. 
  3. Third comes the LIMITER module which shows the Limiter module selected from the library. Only one Limiter is allowed in the chain.
  4. Last comes the EXPORT module, where the final output options are selected, such as format, bit depth, sample rate, SRC filter type, dither, and filename options.


The Module List also shows how the audio is processed serially from top to bottom.

The available optional modules and their operation have been described in the SPECTRO LAB section above. The following sections describe the Prepare, Limiter, and Export modules.