Online manual for Finalizer & Analyzer



Welcome to Finalizer!

Finalizer is a next generation mastering environment for Mac and Windows computers.

Developed by TC Electronic, the Finalizer software builds on a long tradition of dynamic processing, expertise in audio measuring and acclaimed innovations in metering.

Our commitment to designing the best tools for music mastering goes back more than 20 years, and many of our developments have become industry standards.

From our studio stalwarts like the System 6000, to the original Finalizer hardware unit (one of the world’s first mastering solutions designed for semi-pro and pro studio owners), and modern studio classics like the Clarity M hardware meter, we want your music to sound its best.

With Finalizer and our powerful range of groundbreaking and award-winning real time mastering tools, you have everything you need to take your music and your mastering to the next level.

The game-changing visual approach to mastering presented by Finalizer lets you view your tracks, like you’ve never seen them before with the dynamics, loudness and spectrum across your entire song in a single view.

This is Finalizer. Get ready to revolutionize your music production!