Master Meter

The master meter section includes a combination of real-time metering as well as constantly updated full track measurements.

The B meter always reflects what goes into the Output File and not what goes to your monitors, which could be affected by audition settings e.g Band Solo in multiband compressors.

  • Real-time True-Peak PPM meters, with high resolution near the top, for A (source), and B (processed file) or REF files. They include peak-hold lines and readouts. 
  • Real-time Short-term Loudness meters for A (source) and B (processed file or REF files). They include peak-hold lines and readouts.
  • The boxes show the constantly updated full track signal descriptors: Track Loudness, True-Peak Max and PLR (Peak-to-Loudness ratio). The PLR is reflected by a white clamp as well.
  • At the bottom there is a shortcut to either the Limiter Gain parameter or the output Loudness value, depending on which Limiter type is used. When in REF Compare mode the shortcut will be the selected track’s REF Track Trim gain adjustment. This adjustment will be disabled if Loudness is enabled in the Monitor section.

The example below shows a typical A (source file) meter display of two PPM meters in yellow, and the Loudness meter in blue, next to the Prepare Edit View for comparison:

Note that the Prepared Track Loudness value and True-Peak Maximum are shown in the meter display as well as the Prepare EDIT View.


The example below shows a typical B (processed file) meter display, and the Prepare Edit View:


The example below shows a typical REF meter display:


The example below identifies the boxes that show the full-track True-Peak Max, PLR (Peak-to-Loudness ratio), and Track Loudness descriptors. Note the white clamp reflecting the PLR value.