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Your music sounds great in your head, and it deserves to sound just as great when it reaches your audience. Finalizer is a next-generation take on music mastering. We changed the game of mastering music 25 years ago.
Now we do it again!


Analyze your mix

Find out if your mix matches the sound of today. It's FREE!


Get the full picture

View your tracks like you have never seen them before.
It begins with clarity.


Compare and tune

Compare your music and take nothing but informed mastering decisions.

Create your master

Sound like the hits of today - or yesterday if that is your ultimate goal.


Dynamics, Loudness And Frequencies In A Single View

You have never seen music this way before. With our FREE Web Analyzer, you can upload and compare your own songs to tons of current and past hits across a wide variety of genres. Make those chords, melody and lyrics with chart-topping potential sound like a hit!

Masterful Results with Finalizer

The Finalizer app compiles the best multiband compression, limiter and EQ algorithms that we have ever developed. They are ported 1:1 from our System 6000 platform, optimized for modern performance and bundled in a brand-new package along with a wealth of new features and an entirely new way of presenting audio visually. The distance between your mix and final master has never been shorter.

Know the Consequence

Realtime visual feedback across your entire song. What happens to that mellow bridge when you add a bit of multiband compression to the energetic chorus? Finalizer gives you the full picture instantly!

Always Sound Your Best

Streaming services can level out the loudness differences between songs. So what happens when you get ‘normalized’ by Spotify? Analyze and find out and sound amazing no matter how your crowd listens.

Join the Pros

Professional mastering studios and legendary engineers all over the world have relied on TC Electronic processing for decades. Well, we think you should have access to the exact same mastering tools!

Revolutionary Music Mastering

In the Finalizer app, complete overview and real-time visual feedback across your entire song is coupled with the most powerful range of legendary mastering tools that are based on a 25-year pro mastering track record.

Not a New Kid on the Mastering Block

You may have heard about Finalizer just recently, and you may have heard about TC Electronic before, but mostly associate us with guitar effect pedals.

10 things to know about Mastering

Have tons of experience with mixing music? Well, good for you! But have you got what it takes to be a mastering-master?

Sharpen Your Mastering Skills

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